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Leighton Meester: Spotted At “HTC Product Launch Event” In New York

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The 25 year old beautiful actress, Leighton Meester attends at “HTC Serves up NYC Product Launch”. In this event, top culinary talents of New York featured their own culinary delights for all their guests to enjoy.

Leighton Meester looked very attractive and Charming with her fringed hair and black “Marios Schwab” dress with “Fallon Jewelry” and “Burberry beaded heels”. Other stars which attend this event are Penn Badgley, Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron.

Leighton Meester At HTC

Leighton Meester with Charlize Theron

Leighton Meester Revealed About Her Make Up

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The 25 year old beautiful actress Leighton Meester revealed about her make up. She likes to look naturally. In her make up bag there is very minimum amount of the cosmetics.
She said “My makeup bag is so minimal it’s embarrassing” to Bellasugar.com.
Leighton also revealed about her favorite cosmetic products which she uses regularly. She likes eye make up to get a fresh look. She said “I like L’Oreal mascara, I like eyelash curlers [and] I like a little bit of tinted moisturizers”
Leighton believes that face will glow if you have a good health. It is very important to look fresh always.
Leighton said “One of the best makeup tips I’ve ever gotten is to take off all your makeup because I’m generally really bad at that”
Further she added “That’s really saved my skin. But besides that I think just really being hydrated and being healthy. I think whatever’s on the inside shows on the outside, so it’s not as much about makeup as it is your health.”

Leighton Meester natural make up

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively Spotted Together At New York Set Of Gossip Girls

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Leighton Meester and Blake lively share some light moments together at the set of Gossip girls in New York. Both were looking very attractive. Leighton, 27, looks nice in shorts. While Blake, 23, also looks beautiful in strips both in vertical and horizontal directions on dress. Later they met to co-star Ed Westwick and change their costumes to shoot scenes for this hit series.

leigton at new york set

Leighton Meester Shoots A Promo For The Gossip Girl New Season

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Leighton Meester and Blake lively spotted together in New York to shoot the promo for the upcoming season the gossip girl. Ed twirls the Leighton during the shoot of the promo while in other scenes they walk together with a dog. The gossip girl episodes start from September 26 on The CW.

leighton shoots promo
leighton shoots Promo For The Gossip Girl

Leighton Takes A Legal Action Against Her Mother

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Leighton Meester file a case against her mother claiming that Constance Meester (Leighton mother) not using the money in right way which she given every month to her for medical care of her younger brother. Leighton sends $7500 every month to her mother to help Leighton younger brother but she use that money for her personal purposes of cosmetics, Botox and even plastic surgery.

Leighton Meester Covers The September 2011 Issue Of Cleo Magazine

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Leighton Meester is on the cover page of famous Australia’s Cleo magazine in the September 2011 issue. She looks very beautiful and charming in a shiny blue dress with her smoky eyes and chocolaty looks. She said that “fame to me is just silliness and I don’t want any of that. I guess that’s part of my job but I think my job is acting and that’s where I find my joy…I don’t really have any issues or problems with [the stardom]. The best part of that aspect is that we have great fans.”

Leigton covers cleo

YouTube- Leighton Meester – Somebody to Love [Live @ Alexa Chung]

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Veera Wang and Leighton Meester

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Leighton Meester at Harrods for Lovestruck Perfume Launch

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Leighton Meester the face of Vera Wang’s Lovestruck Perfume launches the perfume in the launch function at London’s High end departmental store Harrod on June 9, 2011. Famous fashion designer and the owner of the Lovestruck Perfume brand was also present over the launch. Of all the women present at the function five of them were chosen as ‘best dressed’ and they accompanied Leighton Meester on the red carpet. Leighton being the face of the brand is also promoting brand in the advertisements.Leighton Meester and Veera Wang at the Launch of Lovestruck Perfume

Leighton in Yellow Dress

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Leighton in yellow dress

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